About Us

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Howie Snyder

has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, primarily in the B2B technology space. Howie has both an engineering degree and an MBA and has worked for such Corporate America giants as IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation and Lycos, one of the original search engine companies. His most recent experience was Director of Product Management and Marketing.
After tiring of the corporate world, Howie started his own internet marketing consulting company specializing in social media marketing and mobile media marketing solutions for small to medium sized B2B customers. His specific area of specialization was in selling and implementing responsive websites, mobile applications, SMS texting campaigns and video mobile marketing solutions for his customers.
What makes Howie unique is that he is equally adept in selling and marketing as well as implementation and customer service for his clients. Howie’s perspective and experience is of great value to our team and our clients.

John Pedersen

Creativity. Passion. Progressive thinking.

John Pedersen founded Destiny Mobile Apps based on these principles to help like-minded entrepreneurs create their own apps without unnecessary and time-consuming coding training.

John is driven to completely satisfy his customers throughout the entire mobile app design process, from consultation to implementation and follow-up needs. As an entrepreneur, John has an expert knowledge of the needs of small- to medium-sized B2B customers.

With a background in art and design, John has successfully started and managed several creative ventures, including Destiny Graphics, a multi-service, digital printing company that in under 10 years has grown from a handful of clients to count national and international, big-name brand clientele drawn by the company’s attention to detail and unparalleled customer service.

John attended Mass College of Art in Boston, Mass. before deciding that the self-owned business world was where he belonged. In addition to Destiny Graphics, John has founded Destiny REIA, a real estate investment association that helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams of growing their personal wealth through real estate investment, and continues to grows dreams into reality.