What app stores can i publish with Destiny Mobile Apps?
You can make apps for Ios (Itunes), Google Play, & Amazon Kindle App Stores
Can I make apps for clients with Destiny Mobile Apps?
Yes you can create apps for your clients.
Can clients access the app?
Yes you can set up an account for each client where they can access push notifications and other app properties.
Does Destiny Mobile Apps place ads in your app?
No, Destiny Mobile Apps only places ads in the Minimal Package option. If you wish to earn money from advertising you can put ads in your apps and clients apps as well on the higher packages. Destiny Mobile Apps supports all major ad networks like Revmob and Admob.
What type of apps can I create with Destiny Mobile Apps?
Users can create many different apps with Destiny Mobile Apps. These include information style apps, magazine apps, mobile ordering apps, Public Event Apps, membership apps, restaurant apps and many more, Please refer to Platform templates at Platform
Can I put features in my app?
Yes, You can put many features in your app using the Destiny Mobile Apps platform. Please refer to the features page at Features
How can I contact Destiny Mobile Apps?

You can contact us by email, form submission, or phone during business hours here: http://destinymobileapps.com/contact-us/

Does Destiny Mobile Apps offer a white Label Website and Platform?

We currently don’t offer a white label website. However, contact us and we may be able to provide you with what you need.

Can my apps be published under my own developer account?

Yes, you can publish apps to your own developer accounts, but only under the higher package options

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, Affiliates can earn money bringing us clients.

Contact us for more information.

Does Destiny Mobile Apps offer any training on how to build or alter existing apps?

Yes, Destiny Mobile Apps provides training on building apps, if you wish to design or modify your existing mobile app.